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About us

ALG design rise from the idea to challeng status quo everything we do.We believe in thinking differently, that means passion and enthusiasm, and lead us to express, in our tables, personal ideas and knowledge, all supported by characteristic process of our trade, as well as experimental projects. Every day, week and month to make and remake , until all the pieces are into their own place, all lines came together in one harmony and all is right.These are moments of pure joy; we realize we put in the project our heart and our own soul, to be able to realize our passion.We are the designers, the manufacturers and the developers of the object. We challenge status quo by creating very fine pieces; We make unique tables. The company lives intensely its territory and expresses love for his land with concrete actions, from the recovery and exploitation of craft techniques that risk to be lost, to the philosophy of zero kilometer, all implemented by selecting a network of specialized suppliers above the territory. The opening to the news feeded by continuous progress, which often tends to upset the reality of established forms,  and the experience and at the same time make real the enthusiasm to test oneself, to compare with new models and materials, and evaluate the effectiveness of the results. For this reason ALG design is going to be an ever-expanding trade, ready to accept and embrace new challenges with renewed enthusiasm, with the idea to be always going on.

“The table is like a painted panel that teaches us that today is only for once:  the painted image has vanished at the end of the day, but its memory is going to be graven in the mind of people seated near us. “